Author - Brad Trites

June 2015

The Talent Deficit in Supply Chain and Some Solutions

Original Source: The Globe and Mail Custom Content Group There is a real deficit in talent within supply chain and the people in the front line of trying to fill those gaps are the specialist recruitment consultants. We spoke with two specialist recruitment consultants to ask them a bit about the problems that they are facing recruiting for the roles they are being increasingly relied on to fill. Argentus, who are a specialist Supply Chain recruiter, gave a bit of background [...]

Neil Drew Speaks At The Supply Chain Management Association’s National Conference

Job Retention – How To Transform Your Current Job Into Your Dream Job Neil Drew, Director, Winchester Katherine Risley, Senior Consultant, Meridia Recruitment Thinking about changing your job? What if you were able to make your current role, the one you really wanted with the salary, benefits, responsibilities and progression opportunities you desire? This workshop provides information on the key career motivations of most supply chain professionals and gives facts, hints and tips on how to present this information to senior SCM and HR [...]

March 2015

Millennials And The Job Market

When it comes to supply chain positions, what makes the Generation Y any different from the rest of employment seekers? Among the topics that routinely come up during conversations of the shifting and multi-generational workforce is the rise of the Millenial, also known as Generation Y. This term usually refers to those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. Discussion often arises regarding Millennials in the supply chain job market, their experience entering the profession and what it’s [...]