October 2021

Vaccine Mandates Are Here. Are You Ready For Them? 

“Are you vaccinated?” Job seekers should get used to hearing this question from prospective employers as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on. A majority of our clients have told us they will require employees to be fully vaccinated against the virus in order to return to the workplace. Our clients are among the growing number of employers mandating vaccines to get people back to the office. The federal government and Canada’s five largest banks have also introduced such policies. Still, vaccine mandates can [...]

How The Global Pandemic Changed Our Jobs & The Way We Work

The pandemic caused a massive shift in the modern-day work environment and the job market. Since 2020, COVID-19 has caused a global ruckus, impacting personal and professional lives. In Canada, as we’re fighting through the pandemic’s fourth wave, millions of Canadians remain uncertain about their jobs, while many have reached a mutual certainty: the workplace needs flexibility. According to Statistics Canada, 32% of Canadian employees worked from home in January 2021. This work arrangement forced Canadians to re-evaluate their priorities, whether [...]

November 2015

Purchasing B2B Article About The Findings Of The 2015 SCMA Salary Survey

Presented in partnership with BDO and SCMA While recent economic news both internationally and here in Canada has certainly been mixed, it appears that overall supply chain salaries have bounced back from a dip last year. But that overall rise hasn’t meant an increase for PurchasingB2B readers, who in fact saw a drop in how much they made over 2014. And while women took home more this time around than last year, the increase was less than what men saw, resulting in [...]

March 2015

Millennials And The Job Market

When it comes to supply chain positions, what makes the Generation Y any different from the rest of employment seekers? Among the topics that routinely come up during conversations of the shifting and multi-generational workforce is the rise of the Millenial, also known as Generation Y. This term usually refers to those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. Discussion often arises regarding Millennials in the supply chain job market, their experience entering the profession and what it’s [...]