April 2022

Do Remote Interviews Affect The Possibility To Land That Dream Job?

Some workplaces today have adopted a hybrid model, promoting a healthier work/life balance due to its flexible nature. Many employees agree the opportunity to work remotely within the week offers its benefits. However, the transition we are witnessing now involves the majority of interviews being conducted virtually as well. Virtual interviews between employers and potential candidates very rarely occurred pre-Covid. With Covid regulations becoming less stringent, some interviews have gone back to the usual in-person set up. Some candidates, however, [...]

Inclusivity For All Women

The first Black woman was just named to the Supreme Court of the United States. It’s a major milestone for women in traditionally male institutions, but there is still a long way to go in everyday settings. At Winchesters, we work with the CCDI (Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion) to advance diversity in the workplace. Our latest workshop was on women in the workplace. There is still disparity between the rights held by women and men in the workplace, [...]