GTA real estate job market remains strong

GTA real estate job market remains strong

Recent layoffs at high-profile tech companies like Shopify, Meta and Amazon may spark anxiety for job seekers, but the post-pandemic hiring hot streak continues in other sectors – particularly real estate in the Greater Toronto Area.

There remains a tremendous need for accounting/finance candidates in the real estate sector, said Winchesters Director Elan Van Wyck, who focuses on Accounting and Finance Recruitment. Salaries are rising as companies compete for talent with a background in real estate, he said, adding he’s seen senior project accountants who used to make $70K-$80K getting offers with six figure salaries.

“Any accounting candidate working at a real estate development or property management company has many options for career changes right now,” Elan said.

Elan encourages employers to broaden their search criteria when seeking candidates to fill roles in short-staffed, overworked accounting departments. Instead of focusing on a real estate background or a resume that lists a competitor, he recommends real estate companies seek people with solid experiences from other industries.

“Widen that scope and look for the best candidate in the market in general,” he said. “You might need to train them a bit more but it will avoid the roles remaining open for too long creating unnecessary stress on other staff.”

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