Neil Drew Speaks At The Supply Chain Management Association’s National Conference

Neil Drew Speaks At The Supply Chain Management Association’s National Conference

Job Retention – How To Transform Your Current Job Into Your Dream Job

Neil Drew, Director, Winchester
Katherine Risley, Senior Consultant, Meridia Recruitment

Thinking about changing your job? What if you were able to make your current role, the one you really wanted with the salary, benefits, responsibilities and progression opportunities you desire?

This workshop provides information on the key career motivations of most supply chain professionals and gives facts, hints and tips on how to present this information to senior SCM and HR professionals to make your role better.

There will also be an opportunities to practice these new skills in role-plays with leading SCM and HR professionals in the industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Find out key facts and figures such as: what supply chain professionals want and have in terms of salary, benefits, flexibility, etc.
  • Take away hints and tips on how to ask for what is important to you in your current company/ role
  • Fine tune what you’ve learned with actual supply chain and HR Leaders

Neil Drew has 12 years recruitment experience and is a specialist in procurement and strategic sourcing recruitment. In 2008, Neil moved to Toronto with Hays and set up the Procurement Division in Canada. After over 10 years with Hays, he went to gain experience as an Internal Recruiter with PwC. Neil established Winchesters in 2014, a recruitment agency specializing in procurement, purchasing and strategic sourcing. Neil is an honours graduate of the University of Northampton in England.

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