To Apply or Not to Apply During the Summer?

To Apply or Not to Apply During the Summer?

As the weather becomes warmer, recruitment changes. It doesn’t come to a halt, but summer months can be slower as both job-seekers and decision makers take their summer vacations and enjoy time-off.

There are still available job opportunities but the hiring process can experience delays when stakeholders are less available to conduct interviews, sign approvals/offer letters, and perform onboarding. It is that long-awaited time of the year where personal time is booked off in order to enjoy the weather and escape the workload in favour of sunshine and travel . This can disrupt the hiring flow if employers choose to not look at anything work-related. This is not to discourage job-seekers – the summer can prove to be a time where competition may not be at its peak.

The flexibility of these slower months can be a prime time to build your network, say by meeting a prospective employer for a chat . And now you can do that in the sunny outdoors at a local coffee shop. It is likely employers have extra time and quieter schedules to fit you in. Summer is also a good time to  apply for jobs and be ahead of the game come autumn. There is less talent vying for positions at this time of year.  This can significantly improve your chances as the smaller pool of candidates allows hiring managers to give resumes/cover letters a deeper look compared to when they are flooded with large volumes.

The summer season, if approached effectively, can provide opportunities to find a new job without the wave of job-seekers during the busier hiring seasons. Use this time to refresh your CV and connect with a few individuals in the field. You may find that golden job without the hassle and the possibility of your resume falling through the cracks.

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