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For Employers

Looking for the best professionals to join your team? Unfortunately, it is unlikely they will apply for the job you are currently advertising. It is also unlikely you are going to entice them to apply by sending an email on a Networking site. This is the reality of the recruitment market.  How many jobs do you apply for per month? Probably not too many. How many emails do you ignore, sent from someone you don’t know, offering details about a job that is unsuitable? Probably quite a few.

The best candidates tend to be the ones not actively looking for a new role. The best talent, doing well in their jobs, not applying for roles are too busy to respond to headhunting calls. However, professionals are commercial, business people and are interested in career opportunities (as long as they are the right opportunities). By having relationships with the majority of the market, the team at Winchesters understands people’s skillsets, career needs, and motivations. So when a client is recruiting, we can approach the right candidates, who we already know and can present them for the next step in their career… With your company.

You cannot recruit the best people without knowing the best people. So, we make sure to meet and interview all of our candidates before presenting their resumes. This way, we can ensure that we know our candidate’s needs, wants, and motivations and ensure that they meet with you and your company’s requirements. This approach assures you to hire a long-term, value-adding employee who fits within your organization.

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Winchesters is a proud Employer Partner with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI).

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Throughout my years in this business I have learnt recruitment is both a personal and emotive process. Although Procurement professionals can be extremely commercial and business minded, the method is no less personal and emotive.  Procurement recruitment must be handled face-to-face to better ensure a match in skill set and needs – both personal and business as well as motivations and ambitions.

Recruitment is just the beginning of a relationship.  The best relationships are established one-on-one where both parties take the time to really understand each other.  This is the principle we at Winchesters take when we establish any recruitment relationship.

Neil Drew

Neil DrewDirector - Winchesters