Cold Feet? Employees More Hesitant to Switch Jobs 

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Cold Feet? Employees More Hesitant to Switch Jobs 

The candidate aced the interview, passed the reference checks and seemed thrilled by your job. So why did they turn down the offer?

At Winchesters we’ve noticed more people are reluctant to leave their current jobs for new career opportunities. This hesitation to switch jobs can make it even harder to find candidates during a labour shortage, a problem that’s expected to get worse in the coming years as more Baby Boomers retire.

We see three big reasons employees are staying put these days: the pandemic, fear, and counter offers.

First, the pandemic has made flexibility a priority for many employees. We hear a lot of questions and concerns about the possibility of remote work and the logistics of joining a company without meeting the team in person. Second, the work-from-home environment has made it easier to apply for jobs and attend interviews virtually. That process used to require a bigger time commitment, resulting in more buy-in by the time an offer was presented. It can be scary to actually go through with a move, and in this environment fear is stopping some people in their tracks.

Finally, we’re seeing a rise in counter offers. Companies are offering lots of money – even overpaying – so they don’t need to hire again and train a new person virtually. Counter offers can be tempting even for candidates who are excited to move forward.

If you’re having a hard time hiring right now, you’re not alone. We’re here to coach you through the process and help you craft offers that are too good to turn down.

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