New Year, Same Pandemic, Hot Job Market, and Just a Little Patience

New Year, Same Pandemic, Hot Job Market, and Just a Little Patience

Here we go again.

We’ve all been here before – the lockdowns, the uncertainty, the frustration that things still haven’t gotten back to normal. But this time it feels like everyone has a dwindling supply of patience.

At Winchesters, our resolution is to try for patience as we navigate this together, again.

January is a busy time for hiring, with budgets set and plans ready to execute. This year it feels even busier. Ontario’s job market is hot, companies are poised to hire the best talent and nothing is screeching to a halt in this round of the pandemic. That said, we’re seeing COVID-related hurdles cause headaches for both hiring managers and job seekers.

Whether it’s an unexpected positive test result that forces a candidate into isolation or a school closure that turns a hiring manager into a virtual school monitor, we’ve noticed a need for flexibility throughout the hiring process. Circumstances can change quickly with a fast-spreading virus and shifting government policies. Plus, collective uncertainty can make it harder for people to make quick calls about who to hire or whether to take a new job – a major decision even when there’s not a global pandemic in the background.

Our advice is to remember that people’s situations can change quickly. We’ve made it through almost two years of this. Just a little patience may help us endure the next phase.

Wishing you a healthy and Happy New Year from our team at Winchesters!

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