Temporary Workers: a way to prevent team burnout in procurement

Temporary Workers: a way to prevent team burnout in procurement

A study was conducted this year stating that almost 4 in 10 Canadian employees are experiencing an increased burnout due to work. The survey questioned more than 500 professionals in Canada, 38% of participants claimed they felt more burned out compared to a year ago. These statistics suggest that taking effective measures to help employees cope with feeling stressed and overwhelmed by their jobs is important. This not only provides a healthier work environment and culture but will also play a role in decreasing employee turnover.

Hiring temporary workers can be an effective solution to consider that helps prevent permanent employees experiencing burnout. Contractors offer a flexible and scalable solution to high workloads without adding headcount to a business. They can be used to support ongoing business demands and generally are available as long as the project needs them.

Hiring a contractor for a temporary contractor is usually a quicker and easier process than permanent recruitment too. You don’t have to be focused on the “perfect fit” for a temporary worker but rather one who possesses the necessary skills and knowledge for the task in hand. The bar can be a little lower as the scope of their work will typically be more limited.

Losing valuable employees is a common result when they are burning out and it is a tough market for employers right now. Demand for talent is extremely high and replacing a valued team member is not always a straightforward process. With each team member who leaves, the workload gets divided amongst an increasingly smaller group of people. Productivity suffers and ultimately so does the business. Utilizing contractors isn’t the sole solution to this problem but it can offer a quick and effective way to mitigate overly high workloads and improve employee retention.

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